Volley Roger

A physics-based shoot-em-up made during Global Game Jam 2017. Showcasing at the WPI IMGD Pax East booth.

Heist Night

Showcased at Boston Festival of Indie Games | MassDiGI Game Challenge 2016 Alpha Winner A turn-based strategy cops vs. robbers game with an 'ole cartoon ragtime charm to it..


A Reddit-like but with sounds. Final project for Webware (CS4241).


A VR fortune-telling experience. For the Becker College 2016 24-hr Game Jam.

The Fish Bowl

ASCII Insaniquarium. 1-2 player game where you take care of fish and collect money. For Technical Game Development (IMGD3000).

goatThere WPI Mapper

A "Google Maps" of WPI campus in the form of a desktop Java application. Developed in Software Engineering (CS3733).